Financial investment advice

Independent investment banker M&A (specialising in acquisitions, build-ups) Advice on raising capital and debt Transactions in complex situations (disposals, finding investors) We provide small&mid cap managers and investment funds with value creation solutions by carrying out build-up, divestment and financing operations (debt and equity). « It’s not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what’s required.” Winston Churchill Winston Churchill

RightLiens: a high level of commitment for successful acquisitions, raising of capital and debt, and transactions in complex situations.

RightLiens brings you expert consultants specialising in their field, guaranteeing successful completion of your business projects and financial investments.

"We only do well what we know well"

Why and how does Rightliens adopt a different approach to disposal, acquisition and complex corporate financing operations?

When RightLiens founder Eric Chapeland left investment banking, he innovated by specialising in certain business areas and building a team of former business leaders with first-hand experience of M&A. For certain operations, RightLiens can also invest as a minority share-holder, at the request of its clients.





12 specialized former company directors, with comprehensive knowledge of the processes, challenges and players in their business area.



over 300 transactions (disposal, acquisition, financing) carried out by the founding partner, mainly in acquisition, investment and complex situations.



Aix-en-Provence, Lyon, Paris and connections in Geneva and Luxembourg.

Our intervention phases

We intervene in the different phases of the company’s life cycle
  • Seed funding
  • Company transfer
  • Business development
  • Turnaround/crisis situation

Rightliens consultants have three types of expertise:

  • They have a background as a company director in one or more fields of activity
  • They are perfectly familiar with the fields of activity in which they have been active for many years
  • They have carried out transactions involving disposal, acquisition and transfer of businesses.

From seeding to company transfer and crisis management





Transfer of businesses in many sectors

Rightliens has chosen to support SME and mid-cap company directors and capital investors in projects with high capital and strategic stakes by leveraging detailed knowledge of their business areas.

Rightliens mainly covers the following areas of activity:

  • Retirement homes, senior residences, home hospitalization
  • Clinics, After-Care and Recovery
  • Medical equipment and devices
  • Medical equipment, Home healthcare providers
  • Biotech, medical biology
  • Software firms
  • Audit, chartered accountancy, financial services
  • Renewable energies
  • Cosmetics, food flavourings

Examples of Rightliens areas of activity

Prior to each new assignment, RightLiens confidentially provides the consultant’s track record and skills.

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Financial investment advice, business transfer

RightLiens specialises in financial investment and business transfer consulting. It has developed its activities in the small- and mid-caps segments (companies with a value less (small) or greater (mid) than €250 M.

– specialization by business area

– a team of entrepreneurs specialised in their field; they are not generalist consultants

– high level implementation processes

Our team of consultants specialising in financial investment and business transfers

All our consultants share strong common values:

– sharing of knowledge and expertise

– respect for human beings, rules and ethics

– commitment and teamwork

– humility

This strengthens our client relationship and our clients are just like us Our consultants give you advice on financial investments and business transfers and remain attentive to the needs of your projects.

The team consists of consultants covering the following business areas:

  • Accommodation for seniors (retirement homes, home hospitalization)
  • Medical biology
  • Medical device
  • Medical Device, Home health providers
  • Biotechnology
  • Specialist clinics, After-care and recovery
  • Education, Training, e-learning
  • Cosmetics, aromas
  • E-commerce, digitization
  • tourism, leisure. sports
  • Industries
  • IT, software firms
  • Clean and new energies
  • Regulated professions (chartered accountancy, legal audit, etc.)
  • High tech
  • etc

Our consultants have different profiles:

– company directors who have sold their business and are putting their “business” skills at RightLiens’ disposal before possibly embarking on a new entrepreneurial venture

– company directors who have exercised their retirement rights and continue to work for RightLiens in operational or strategic consulting.

Every year we integrate new skills either as opportunities arise or strategically. We are constantly analysing changes in business areasand trying to assess the challenges and opportunities they bring.

Rightliens: consultancy specialising in financial investment and international business transfer

Our consultants are accustomed to working in an international context and cover the following geographical areas under the supervision of a country manager:

  • France
  • Spain
  • Benelux
  • Switzerland
  • Indian Ocean, Africa, Asia

In 2021, we plan to cover the United States, starting initially on the East Coast.

RightLiens has a diverse client base

Our clients are mainly SMEs, mid-caps and capital investors (investment funds, family offices, entrepreneurial funds), both European and non-European. They are mainly active in the business sectors we cover. In addition to consulting services for the disposal and acquisition of companies, they are seeking operational or even strategic business knowledge.

In some business sectors, we may work with competing companies. This is a very important point. It demonstrates the professionalism of the team, capable of managing competing interests on a continuous basis and in the strictest confidentiality. For instance, for more than 10 years we have been working with two major players competing in a regulated profession, helping them with their external growth projects. There has never been the slightest problem of interference between the two.

Above and beyond words, management of confidentiality is part of our daily life and our processes.

The processes are often dictated by our clients and formally defined in our contractual documentation such as our engagement letters, with tailored interactive reporting systems.

This applies to each type of mission:

  • acquisition of a majority or minority shareholding
  • equity contributions in different formats
  • raising capital in the seed or development phase
  • search for financing in complex situations: capital, subordinated debt, bank debt, etc.
  • search for a group to take over a company in a turnaround phase
  • special operations such as OBO, MBO, MBI, Spin-Off, etc.
  • operational and strategic consulting (optimization of the company’s performance, its growth, etc.)
  • also occasionally, operationssuch as, company transfers, disposal of a majority shareholding, disposal of a minority shareholding, etc.

RightLiens key figures

We carry out around ten operations every year, with valuations ranging from €5 to €200 million, and an average valuation of €20 million.

These figures are simply the result of the French economic fabric, which is more “small” than “mid” oriented.

We are convinced that we are going through an exhilarating period in terms of business strategy and disposal and acquisition of businesses. New technologies, digitalization, digitization and also internationalization of business activities are causing mature companies to transform their offers, products, processes, action plans, etc

Our consultants have the skills to grasp these issues, to give business leaders solutions, and then to implement them.

We are being contacted increasingly by start-ups who are developing an innovative technology or offer, but don’t have the expertise this market requires and are unfamiliar with its “habits and customs”. In this situation, our consultants bring tremendous added value. They can be a real driving force to create value Each market has its own codes and prerequisites.

That’s why it’s important to specialize in each sector: theory and common sense can never replace empirical knowledge!

Ethics at RightLiens

In addition to our professional commitment, RightLiens, the consulting specialist for financial investment and business transfers, is committed to causes that are dear to its heart:

– sick children with Le Rire Médecin Le Rire Médecin brings hospitalised children a moment when they can escape and forget their suffering, with clowns who come to entertain them during their hospital stay. We cannot accept a child’s suffering and sometimes their loneliness in the face of illness.

– people who are socially disconnected, with Creasol.: https://www.creasol.frCreasol enables people who are socially disconnected to receive a credit in order to get a job or create their own business. We cannot accept that these enterprising people are being rejected by the traditional banking system and are excluded from the community.

The team works in the same spirit, determined to make our clients’ projects a success, by understanding their needs and speaking the same language.

All our consultants have been in the situations encountered by our clients: selling or acquiring a company, searching for financing, or making binding or even strategic operational decisions. This naturally creates bonds and brings people together.

Clients are reassured by our ability to help them make a constructive decision, and by our entrepreneurial experience.